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Ralph's Party  

A romantic comedy of six Gen X Londoners, it is the 1999 breakthrough bestseller by British novelist Lisa Jewell.  Why hasn't anyone made this movie yet?


Carrying the Fire 

Forget that this is the best book ever written by an astronaut.  This is a hilarious look at an extraordinary life from the Grand Canyon to the far side of the moon.


Maus and Maus II

A Holocaust survivor touches many lives from pre-war Poland to New York in the 1980s, especially his son, the author of this Pulitzer Prize winner.



Donnie Brasco

You may have thought the movie told an amazing story, but this true account of an undercover FBI agent in the New York mafia brings the Bonnano Crime Family to fearful - and often amusing - reality.


The Brethren  

In this mischievous John Grisham bestseller, three unusual convicts uncover a secret that rattles the most powerful men in the U.S. government, from CIA Headquarters to the White House.


Boss of Bosses

Before there was John Gotti, there was another Godfather in the Gambino Crime family.  He was the Boss of Bosses, Paul Castellano, who lost his life in typical mafia vengeance.  


Posted Tuesday February 26, 2002.