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Can you believe it?  We have movies!

Our first three video picks will be followed in the future by our favorite classic movies, black & white video picks, and others.  But for now, enjoy our entertaining selections from off the beaten path.

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Reach into our diverse collection of book recommendations and get reading.  We've put together all of our book picks in one place - our Books Archive.  So far its seven books and counting.

Just curious about movies?

We've all had those moments.  You remember something about a movie - an actor, the basics of the plot, or maybe a quote - but some other fact escapes you.  

This isn't just a common experience, it is frustrating.  Thankfully we may have found the help you need.  The Internet Movie Database, or is our source for all essential movie information.  It has 

  • Plot summaries
  • Cast and crew listings
  • Theater and TV showtimes
  • Cool movie pics

Now that bit of movie trivia will never elude you.  Try

*   *   *

In 1998 the American Film Institute published a very useful list of America's 100 Greatest Movies.  The list is a celebration of the first 100 years of movies.  

Ninety of the movies include a plot summary and a detailed analysis of the key elements of the film.  Following the success of AFI's 100 Years 100 Movies, AFI has also published 100 Funniest Comedies, 100 Greatest Heroes and Villains, and other entertaining lists. 

There is lots on these lists to agree and disagree with, but the lists best serve as conversation pieces and a start point for yet more movies to rent.  

OK, now that we've got you started it's time to get comfy, rent some videos, and enjoy a weekend of movies at home.


Updated Wednesday July 2, 2003.