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Ideas and - how it all began

As stated since ideas's inception on December 1, 2001, I aim to add a little substance to our everyday conversations.  Why did I think there was a need for more substantive discussion?  Because conversations about books, good movies, current events, and the significance of our lives become more and more rare everyday that people settle for the lowest common denominator - in music, dumbed-down movies, what we watch on TV, and other trivial subjects we generally consider important.

Having said that, ideas and grew out of several influences I had in 2000 and 2001.  One key influence was a restless mind.  I had always been an enthusiastic reader, then in March 2000 I got the itch to begin writing and letting out all those years of accumulated reading.  

But standing between writing and being read is getting published.  Knowing that it was next to impossible convincing publishers and editors to print what I wanted to write, I decided to publish it myself.  I would simply put it on the web and let whoever stumbled upon it read it.  

So here it is, my ongoing attempt at an abstract ideal.  One thing you will notice is references throughout the web site to "us" and "we."   Because ideas and events .com is not intended as a personal web page, you will read "I" and "me" only when personal opinion is being expressed - in reviews, essays, etc.

Now, have fun reading and let me know what you think of ideas and



The person behind it all

Born in Rio Piedras, Puerto Rico, my family moved to an Atlanta suburb when I was nine years old. After graduating from the Georgia Institute of Technology, I spent four happy and fulfilling years as a cavalry officer in the U.S. Army.  Today I am an industrial engineer for a large microprocessor company and I live in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

For now I am solely responsible for every word in ideas and  Maybe someday I'll have the contributing writers I've always wanted.  If you are interested in adding your thoughts, your opinions, your ideas to ideas and, write me at

Updated Sunday November 2, 2003.