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We now have video picks to occupy your weekend

From the time we started ideas and, we have wanted to share with you conversations about books, good movies, current events, and other substantive stories.  

At long last we are able to fulfill a promise, a promise to bring you a choice of movies.  Our video picks are movies that have likely passed you by.   But thanks to ideas and, now you can decide what to rent next.  

The exceptionally funny and talented Parker Posey stars in Party Girl, the story of one New Yorker in search of a little meaning in her life.  An equally entertaining cast plays the Party Girl's night club friends.  

In Memento, Guy Pierce plays a man who has very little to live for.  Handicapped with acute memory loss, he doesn't know who to trust and who to suspect as he seeks revenge for his wife's murder.  

Finally, Eric Shaeffer stars in Fall as a cab driver who seduces an international fashion model.  Only Shaeffer's endless talents can convince us that she falls in love with him, too.  Shaeffer also wrote and directed this thought-provoking film.

Care to share your opinion with us?

Let us know what you think - about our books, our views, or whatever is important to you.  

Welcome to a new milestone in our history

A new milestone in human history? No, a milestone in the history of ideas and We are excited to introduce our new Marketplace. With the help of Powells City of Books - arguably the greatest bookstore in the world - we are happy to bring you a sampling of our favorite books.

We could go on and on about this new feature, but all you have to do is click over to our Marketplace and start shopping.

We hope our favorite books become your favorite books, too.

Don't forget what else is inside ideas and!

Our handful of book recommendations  All of our book recommendations are grouped in our Books Archive.

Our Thoughts on the News  There's enough opinion in the media about the war with Iraq that you don't need to hear it from us.  Instead you can read any of our three installments of Thoughts on the News.  

We have a tribute to the Columbia space shuttle crew, an informative rundown of the methods of terrorists, and our first take on September 11th and the resulting war on terrorism.  All of it is very revealing stuff. 

Preview Our New Look As we enter our third year in existence, in 2004 we will be introducing a new look to our site.  Check it out and read about our origins in About Us.

                Updated Sunday November 2, 2003.